The World’s Top Casino Cruises

Set sail across the world with a handful of cards, a spin of the roulette, or that stroke of luck when making the slot spin. Casino cruises provide a unique experience, allowing for endless hours of fun amongst fellow gamblers whilst touching ground on some of the most exotic and exciting parts of the world.

The author Victoria Oliveira (more about her click here) takes us to the open sea in search of endless fun, enormous prizes, and memorable adventures.

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First Stop – Norwegian Escape

Don’t be fooled by the name, as the impressive Norwegian Escape is based in much warmer waters. Departing from Miami, expect to deal your next hand of cards in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

You’ll find an extremely different experience than the one spent playing at some of the best casinos online Portugal, and one that will go down memory lane due to the incredible offer in place.

Norwegian Escape offers 28 restaurants, which are more than you’ll need on a 7-day cruise. Since this is one of the best cruise ship casinos in the world, the focus is on its gambling offer.

Over 300 slot machines and nearly 30 tables await, with games such as blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and baccarat. It’s also a welcoming experience for players of all tiers, from newbies to high rollers.

For those that fancy an even more exclusive experience, a VIP casino is available to meet any demands.

Even though this cruise ship won’t stop in Portugal and prefers warmer waters, flying across the Atlantic to meet this experience is surely worth the while.

Her Royal Highness – Queen Mary 2

You have much better odds boarding the Queen Mary 2 when living in Portugal in comparison to cruises that are mostly based in the US and around the Caribbean. With casinos at sea, a free cruise is an appealing possibility – those that play to earn enough may come on the other end with a profit.

To try it out, make your way to Southampton in the UK and experience the Atlantic crossover, or check its itinerary across Europe on shorter, yet equally exciting cruises.

Classified as one of the best cruises with gambling available in the world, the Queen Mary 2 meets all the right ingredients that make a memorable time. Not only does it follow an exclusive line of ships, as it lives up to the glamour and excitement that characterized this particular experience in the early years of the XXI Century.

Its “Empire Casino” offers 99 slot machines that are complemented by 12 gaming tables. Expect to sit through exciting blackjack matches, poker and roulette on your way to New York.

How many people can start a sentence with “I had just won a hand of poker as we arrived in New York”? – now you can too.

Beyond Belief – Oasis Of The Seas

There are big cruise ships, and then there’s Oasis of the Seas. Following a line of titans owned by the Royal Caribbean company, 2020 wasn’t an easy year for these floating cities.

Amongst some of the most impressive cruises with gambling at your disposal, most of its itinerary takes place in the US, Mexico and Caribbean. That’s not to say you won’t see it docking in Lisbon, Portugal, but if you’re after the immediate thrills its incredible casino offer provides, you may have to meet up elsewhere.

With over 500 video slots available, there is more entertainment than you can go through in one voyage. Alternatively, 27 gaming tables offer blackjack, poker, roulette, and much more. To make matters even more interesting, frequent tournaments may lead you to forget you’re in a huge floating city crossing the oceans.

Whatever moves you to have fun, Oasis of the Seas is one of the best cruise ship casinos in the world, and one that offers endless alternatives to enjoy yourself.

Princesses Are Real – Royal Princess

Very few experiences can compete with playing at the Royal Princesses casino. Not only does the appealing Princess Players Club make it more exciting to play through a series of exclusive deals and tournaments, but you’ll also be onboard one of the best cruise ships in the world.

With casinos at sea, a free cruise is never off the charts, especially for those that know how to play their hand just right. A wide range of tournaments takes place, from card games such as poker and blackjack to slots. Roulette is present, along with the opportunity to learn from the professionals on how to play each of these iconic casino games.

The fun banter found onboard amongst fellow gamblers makes this one of the must-consider cruise ships in the world for those that are on the lookout for emotion.

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