100-Year-Old Woman Stays Young Playing Her Nintendo

The secret to eternal life has been searched for as long as humans have walked the earth. The interesting part is that while we search for it, our good hygiene and new medications have enabled our lifespan to become longer and longer. Just a couple of hundred years ago, the average lifespan was about 45 years for women and slightly less for men (Life Expectency Chart Through History). In 2012, we’re looking at ages almost doubled compared to that. So what is the secret to eternal life? Is it in our food, in our hygiene or is it entirely dictated by our DNA or environment? Well, the final word has not been set in stone yet when it comes to this, but it’s clear is that it is a mix of these things.

Some people say that it has all to do with how much we cling to life and enjoy it. Even though this might not seem very likely to some people, it has been proven that you live longer if you stay happy. It is especially apparent when you listen to Kathleen “Kit” Connell, a 100-year-old gamer who has found her Nintendo DS to be her fountain of youth. She often finds herself playing it until 10:00 pm, and then she reluctantly agrees to go to bed.

In this video, she explains why she thinks her Nintendo will give even the most seasoned gamer a life full of entertainment. She praises the use of Nintendo to the point where she encourages all parents to basically get their kids one of these mobile devices. She also says that she thinks that devices like Nintendo will completely replace textbooks in schools around the world. She has managed to take control of her memory loss once again and can sport herself with the fact that through her gaming, she’s managed to bring her mental age down to 64 through her favorite game “Brain Age.” This is definitely inspiring, and it’s a great testament that gaming isn’t all bad. It just depends on what games you play.


Via: [Walyou]