12 Things You Will See Before You Die [Infographic]

During the ’80s we saw a huge change in what home entertainment was all about. We were given the Nintendo NES, and all of the sudden the world was glued to the screen. Games for all ages were continuously released, and I remember getting obsessed with the number of games I had for it. The games themselves (the cartridges) were quite expensive back then. I was lucky if I could get a new game every second month or so. When I got one, I played it until I knew it by heart, and I could probably play it in my sleep if anyone were to ever ask me to do that. However, times changed and we were given more powerful consoles and computers.

Comparing graphics and quality back then to now is like comparing the 1600s with today. It’s just not possible since we are miles away from what was the greatest and the most impressive graphics back then. It makes me wonder, and also the guys over at Geekosystem, what will we see as we continue into the next realm of geeking out? As you all know, I wouldn’t have asked that if I hadn’t already found something that would show us the answer.

The guys over at Geekosystem have been pondering this question and come up with a hilarious infographic of 12 things you will probably see before you check out. One thing you will see for sure is at least 6 new presidents in the U.S. and some new technology from Mircosoft and Sony. You will also probably see 8 new James Bond movies. Well, if you are interested in knowing exactly what it is you will see then just have a look at the infographic. Can you come up with something else that we will probably see before we die?

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12 Things Seen Before Dying