NES Cartridges Recycled Into Art Canvases Are NEStalgic

The ’80s made for some of the most memorable gaming systems, and anyone who grew up in that decade is well aware of the 8-bit characters we came to easily love. Long before the Saturday morning cartoons, sibling rivalry wars often occurred over who was going to play which player in the games (if the game had multiple players at that time, and the ones that did always had a stronger player). Back then, glitches were a common error that happened because of dust in those well-known NES cartridges. We can easily become nostalgic about the many times we had to blow on a cartridge to get it working again – boy has technology changed in the past three decades.

Although we have advanced along with the technology enhancements, like home, we never forget where we began, especially if you are a hardcore gamer. Sharing that gaming history with your own kids might make you feel like a dinosaur, just like our parents probably felt when they explained an 8-track to us. Regardless, the good old days of sitting on the floor in front of the living room TV with a controller in one hand and a bowl of cereal in the other will make for some great storytelling.

Today, our NES cartridges are either boxed away or discarded and many people have no use for them any longer since they are simply known as memorabilia from gaming’s past, unless you still own a working NES console that is. For the gamers out there who still have love for the holder of 8-bit characters, you can now purchase NES cartridges that have been recycled into art canvases. 72 Pins, a store on Storenvy, is dedicated to recycling NES cartridges to bring back the memories from your childhood with a modern look. They incorporate the popular games and pop culture of today as the artwork on the cover of the cartridges.

The kicker is that the NES cartridges are still usable and able to be played, although it will be a different game than the art displayed on the cover. This is a wonderful method for colliding our past and present together to make a treasured keepsake. Now gamers can own a piece of NEStalgia from today.

NES Cartridges Recycled Into Art Canvases

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Angry Birds

Game of Thrones

Call of Duty (Allied)


World of Warcraft


Sonic the Hedgehog