$1,260 Costume: And You Thought You Were Cool!

This year I didn’t get the opportunity to get on my Halloween mojo like I did last year (I was, like so many others I am sure, Hannibal Lecter), but I got to see so many cool costumes nontheless. Some were cute, some where scary, and some were just unidentifiable, but that’s exactly what Halloween is all about. It doesn’t get better than a day where you get to goof off like the true child you always are, but you’re hiding behind the 9-5 job you’re endlessly going to every day. Well, for some, this day is all about getting into the spirit of things and they really go out of their way to become the water cooler subject the first working day after Halloween.

With an estimated 250 work hours to create and $1,000 invested in this ultimate robot costume (which reminds me of the loader from Alien and a Mecha assault robot) is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a very long time. See, when you look at this clip for the first time, you are just waiting for something to go horribly wrong but then you realize that the mechanic sounds are missing.

This_Comment_Has, the creator of this epic robot costume, has surely put down a ton of love and devotion into this project and you can really tell. If you don’t think about it you can almost not see the person inside this one. I am not saying you can’t, but almost. It’s a truly epic build and the finest hand crafted costume I have seen in a long time. Period!

Via: [BoingBoing]