How Star Wars Costumes Would Have Looked Back In 1942!

When I went to school, I sure had my share of geeky teachers. You could tell they were passionate about the subjects they taught by just listening to them explain physics or biology. It kind of ran through their veins and right from the very first sentence you could tell that the subject was something very dear to them. But if I told you that these teachers were interested in anything geekdom like we have here on Bit Rebels, I would be straight up lying to you. Nope, those were subjects that even the most hardcore geek would find quite boring, math not included.

However, there is one teacher that breaks all the rules, one that defies everything you thought a teacher was. Let’s call him the geekiest history teacher of all time. He goes by the name of “Sillof” (he has not yet revealed his real name), and he’s been a huge fan of Star Wars since a very young age. When I say that, I am not exaggerating in any way. This guy is totally awesome!

He created what I think is some of the most awesome Star Wars geekdom figurines. He guides George Lucas Star Wars back into 1942, and it’s something that I think every Star Wars fan just has to see. You can really see all the painstaking labor Mr. Sillof put down into this. Each character has its very own 1942 costume, and it shows that he knows his history quite well. If these don’t become collector’s items, I don’t know what will. They are beyond awesome and belong in the Lucas Arts museum if there is one. George Lucas should hire this guy and make Star Wars all over again. This time bring in some Indiana Jones and call it Indiana Wars or Star Jones. These are amazing creations, and I bet Mr. Sillof has more in store for us. Props! Sillof has a website that is beyond inspirational! A must see!