13 Things You Need To Know About Super Mario [Infographic]

Facts.  They are everywhere around us, and it is only our interest and decision to take it all in that keeps us from knowing pretty much everything we want to know.  Some things are important, some things not so much.  However, there are things out there that are ultimately useless to know, yet they are those things you just have to know in case someone asks about it.  To know something that no one else does is what gives us that little advantage in any conversation.  I once had a person tell me that knowledge is power, and that is true.  Compile all the knowledge you can, always, and one day you will find that you will be ahead of the crowd when it comes to making important decisions in moments when timing and speed are everything.

Maybe that first paragraph of this article was a little too serious for an article about Super Mario, but nonetheless, it’s an important message that should be spoken out loud.  Here we are and what I am about to show you is a truly retro factual infographic about Super Mario that will transform you from a useless Nintendo fan to an epic Super Mario oracle in a little less than a couple of minutes.  Well, if you remember it all that is.

This infographic will highlight 13 things that you probably didn’t know, but that will make your Super Mario experience so much more profound.  It may be useless information, but if you’re a true geek of the 80s, you just have to harbor this information in case you should happen to come across another like minded geek who is up for a showdown.  With this info there is no way you won’t come out on top.  Period!

13 Super Mario Facts Infographic

Via: [TVLeaks]