2011 Top April Fool’s Pranks Roundup [Infographic]

Everyone knew that we would probably go all out on the pranks, either yesterday or today, and to some extent we have. However, blogging about them all would take up too much time, and at least I wouldn’t know what to pick in the first place. There are so many cool and unusual pranks out there that really deserve a mention, but to fit them all into individual articles or even just in one would take up a few weeks worth of posts.

So, what could be better than to find another way to portray it all? The only question would be how to do that really. I mean, how can you really fit all the awesomeness of April Fool’s Day into the short text of a Bit Rebels article? It’s simple really, you can’t. There are of course other ways to go about it. I am just going to let the creative people over at ZippyCart and KillerInfographics take the steering wheel, and we’ll be good.

What they have done is to compile a really cool infographic about the day that you either love or hate, depending on what side of the joke you find yourself on when it’s delivered. There are more scaled down jokes that don’t put you to shame after they’re delivered, but if they are more than that, you will of course feel immensely stupid.

Those big jokes are usually created by some large company that wants to earn a little extra, free promotion. It’s a great way, no doubt, and they usually go viral. However, there are some other pranks that are worth a mention and ZippyCart and KillerInfographics have compiled them all for you. Well, almost all anyway, you still have to find them on the Internet to feel the full experience. When this article is finished, I will simply sit down, put on my evil helmet and start making plans for next year’s April Fool’s Day. That should be enough time to think up something really fancy for the Bit Rebels crew. #NeverRest

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Top April Fools Pranks 2011