3 Creepy Lego Halloween Houses That Will Haunt You

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we’re a mere few weeks away from this haunting season. I am hoping to be invited to some badass party somewhere where I can scare the crap out of all my friends with some awesome costume. As usual, I’ll wait and see what comes up. Maybe I will hook up a party myself and see what comes out of that. I haven’t decided yet, and I think that the invites will determine that one. As you all know, during this season, there is a landslide of things being created and put on the Internet to show of its genius and awesomeness. This year is of course no exception, and we’ve already started seeing some stuff that is all in the Halloween spirit.

There is a Lego enthusiast out there that will just blow you away. His name is Mike Doyle, and he is all about creepy Lego house building. So far he has 3 houses featured on his website, and if they were real, you sure wouldn’t go within a hundred feet of them. The first one reminds me a lot of the house on the hill in the Psycho movie. It’s a really well built Lego house with a tree that has fallen into it. The damage is clear, and the abandoned house sure feels haunted as hell.

I just love the gritty and deteriorated look of these houses, and I think Mike is onto something here. These houses would make awesome props in a Lego movie and my silent hope is that he will do something just like that with these and the future houses that he is hopefully going to build. It’s hard to estimate the scale of these houses, but if you look at the windows, you can see something that looks like drapes, right? Those are one dot blocks, and by those you can estimate the scale of these houses, somewhat. They are quite big, and I think that it is necessary in order to get the detailed and gritty look. They are brilliant builds that I sure wouldn’t mind checking out in reality. There are “Making Of” images for all of these houses on Mike’s own website. I urge you to have a look at them since the details are awesome!

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Haunted Deteriorated House Lego Builds

Haunted Deteriorated House Lego Builds

Haunted Deteriorated House Lego Builds