3-Piece iPhone Bed Set For The Ultimate iPhone Addict

They say the worst kind of addiction is the one that is not recognized. As much as I don’t understand that statement, it still makes perfect sense. I mean, when an addict can’t admit to his or her addiction, whatever it may be, it makes it virtually impossible to cure or solve it. We have seen a lot of examples of this with social media addiction. There are people who would seemingly die if they were disconnected from any of their social networking daily activities. It’s dedication in all its grace, but when there are complications with health and time management, I think it’s about time to put a stopper in it, or at least a delay to sort things out.

We have seen some pretty crazy iPhone fanboys and fangirls stand in line for almost 48 hours in order to get the latest iPhone incarnation. Is it sane? I guess it could be if you are dedicated to the latest technology from Apple. But would you go as far as to sleep with your iPhone? Or, let’s take it one step further, would you actually buy yourself a 3-piece iPhone bed set? Now that is addiction on the edge of insanity right there. This was sent in by a user on Baidu which apparently spawned a landslide of comments.

I am sure it is perfectly normal for some people, and I don’t question that at all. However, I can’t for the life of me understand how people come up with these things to begin with. I mean, it’s not like you sit around at home and then out of nowhere think, “Ahh, I am going to produce a 3-piece iPhone bed set. That should totally work!” Well, obviously it happens, after all we are writing about it and helping it to go viral. So, now to the real question of this article… Would you buy this for your own nightly comfort?

Unfortunately even though this is a real product, we haven’t been able to track down a place where you can purchase it. It originates in Asia, and it might take some time to find. However, any help locating it would be greatly appreciated!



Via: [Inventorspot]