5 Geeky & Creative Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and all the romantics out there are planning for the unique, sweet and creative gifts they will be giving their special someones. Besides the usual chocolates, flowers, cakes, teddy bears, dinners and other cheesy classic stuff, what else is out there that would be perfect for your Valentine? Well, here are five of my last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that offer a unique twist compared to the usual romantic plans. These are perfect for people who are not afraid to be unique and bold this heart season.

1. Give Your Valentine A Star!

Did you know you can purchase a star and register it in your name? There is actually an organization called the “International Star Registry” that allows people to name a star under their own name or the name of someone special. This is a great gift for all the romantics out there who want to literally give their special someone a star this Valentine’s Day. If you want to know more about this gift idea, just visit this site: https://www.starregistry.com.


2. Give Your Valentine A Musical Shirt

If your partner is a music lover, and you’re trying to think of a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, this is perfect for you. Imagine that you can actually play the guitar on your printed tee. Wouldn’t that be geeky awesome? Bring out the rock star side of your partner by purchasing this shirt at ThinkGeek.com.


3. Give Your Valentine A Romantic Mix Tape USB Stick

Nothing beats romantic music as a way to send your geeky love message! While cassette tapes are a classic gift idea, why not give it a techie twist? Get this awesome Mix Tape USB stick and make a compilation of your favorite love songs. Present it with this classic cassette tape packaging found on ApartmentTherapy.com.


4. Send Your Valentine A Romantic QR Code Message

QR codes can be a great alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day cards. It allows the geeky side of you to get creative, and you can even produce a website that confesses your love to your honey. Use QR codes to redirect them to the special message you have in store for Valentine’s Day. (Order here on Etsy)


5. Give Your Valentine Circuit Board Accessories

If you are both into geeky and techie stuff, this accessory will emphasize that. This is the time when it’s okay to be unique and bold. Never be afraid to wear what you like, and that is really a great excuse to make circuit board pendants, necklaces and earrings. Jump off the bandwagon and skip the sweet mushy stuff. Give your guy or girl some circuit board accessories and be sure to make a connection. (Get these here on Etsy)


Header Image Credit: [devilicious / deviantART]