5 Jaw-Dropping Laser Engraved Guitars You Must Check Out

Over the last decade, laser engraving has become more affordable and accessible to business owners than ever before. This is because laser engraving processes and machines are now specifically designed to be streamlined and simplified. As a result, a wide range of consumer goods can be laser engraved quickly and easily. This simplified process and the affordability of laser engraving machines allows just about anyone to engrave any product, large or small!

Needham Coding, a laser machine distributor, has noticed a growing number of product manufacturers that are pushing the boundaries of what items can be laser engraved, as well as experimenting with patterns and designs. And the musical instrument industry is no exception to this trend. In particular, the spike in custom engraved guitars that are available on the market! Check out these five jaw-dropping laser engraved guitars that any music enthusiast is sure to love.

Red Geo Circles Pattern

The Red Joker Axe guitar is a beautiful instrument all to itself, with a shiny finished color and mirror acrylic scratchplate that makes this instrument beautiful as well as functional. The Red Geo Circles pattern creates an eye-catching design that reflects light in even the darkest club, and which gives the guitar body depth and dimension. Laser engraving can be included on the front and the back of the Red Joke Axe guitar, so you look good both coming and going with your guitar.

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Engraved onto another Red Joker Axe, the Mandala design is an intricate pattern with a distinct Eastern Indian look and feel. This busy pattern breaks up the look of the red guitar body by adding curved details that are set over each other, and which crisscross with straight lines that create a unique sectioning look on the guitar body. If you’re looking to combine the old with the new, the Indian-inspired Mandala laser engraving pattern is the right choice for you.

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Walla Walla Designs

For those who want a guitar that is very eye-catching, check out the Walla Walla designs, as their laser engraved guitars are simply breathtaking! This particular model features a deep, intricate paisley pattern in red on a black background, creating a look that is traditional and classic while still being a little bit edgy. Many of their guitars are unsanded and unfinished, so you have a unique look in a quality musical piece that you can finish to your exacting standards.

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Maverick Pro Natural Beauty

The name says it all! The Maverick Pro Natural Beauty has a beautiful laser engraved body depicting some of Mucha’s most well-known artwork from the early 1900s. This guitar combines the old with the new, with a rustic untouched wood body and intricate, museum-worthy engravings that feature soft, flowing lines and detailed etching that easily rival any piece of art.

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Dellatera Engraved Paisley

For those who love the paisley design and want something very eye-catching and luxurious, the Dellatera Engraved Paisley guitar is the right choice! This beauty features a rosewood fingerboard and an antique nickel finish that is sure to please any guitar or art lover. The soft ivory carving against the rosewood backdrop adds eye-catching appeal and creates a classic look, without compromising on sound quality or depth of the music produced.

These laser engraved guitars demonstrate the power of the laser machine. Today’s laser engravers offer ease, accessibility, and affordability. So, you can let your imagination run wild and engrave almost anything! You can take virtually any product “up a notch” and offer custom artwork, personalization, messages, security codes, and anything else your customers might appreciate when you invest in a quality laser engraving system. No matter the product you offer, laser engraving will make it unique and personal, and a perfect choice for your customers.

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