Zombie Slot Machines Are Invading And It Is Awesome

The 21st century may have brought a lot of bad things with it, but there’s one thing we can’t whine about, technology. Each year there are novelties in any particular area in the digital world. Yesterday it was the new phone with better a screen, today a new way to diagnose cancer in the early stages and who knows what can come up tomorrow. What we do know is that Zombies are taking land like never before.

Online gaming and online gambling have not been excluded from this wave of new products and ideas that turn into reality. The creativity of the human mind knows no limits. Now, put that creativity in combination with the technology we have today. There you have it. Finally, the thirst for fun and entertainment can be safe easy from the comfort of your beloved home.

In recent years, the idea of a zombie apocalypse has been circling around and has been brought to life with many different TV shows and movies. You haven’t seen a movie or a TV show with this topic only if you were living under a rock, and that’s highly unlikely.

Some of the leading producers of casino games have managed to deliver games that uphold to any expectations a zombie fan might have. Bloody cold weapons, brains, zombies and a lot of other stuff that falls in the whole zombie theme can be found on these slots. The more gruesome it is, the more fun it will be.

Now, what can be better than this for a zombie fan? Well, how about a bonus to kickstart your online gaming and make your experience a whole better and longer.

Casino Bonuses Countdown has a number of generous bonuses available which cover a wide range of games covering this particular theme. Claim and start playing some of these zombie slots right away. A bigger starting balance will allow you to see more of the action and interaction you can make with these walking dead. In case you start to like this whole online gaming thing and you don’t know what to play next, stick around a bit with Casino Bonuses Countdown and you will certainly find out.

We’ve handpicked these zombie slots to save you from any boring research without guaranteed results that will make you happy.
Zombie Slot Machine Invasion

Zombies By NetEnt

Yes, those are brains and eyes, freshly taken out. Zombies is designed and delivered by NetEnt. But if there are zombies you better prepare for the worst and get an axe or a hatchet at least. You never know when the zombies are going to struck with a huge prize. It is a 5 reel three-row slot game with premium features only great slots have. The number of pay lines is set to a maximum of 20.

In case you hit three scattered Toxic Canisters you get to play a bonus game, shoot the zombie yourself, get free spins and of course get a small increase in your prize if you kill the zombie.

The multiplier will make sure whenever you enter a winning spree to get the much deserved huge prize. Hold on to that spree!

Zombie Slot Machine Invasion

Zombie Rush By Leander Games

Leander Games have managed to combined two different styles, the zombies being the gruesome spiced up with high-tech smooth animations; your wishes from childhood just came real. I’m sure you wanted to play a game with cartoonish looking design.

This one too is a 5 reel video slot and has 20 pay lines. The more pay lines there are, the easier it is to win. The guys at Leander Games put a lot of effort to truly grasp the zombie theme without making it look to violent. The scatter and wild symbols will watch your back and help you out if the zombies attack. Set the coin size, place your bet and spin the reels! Don’t be afraid of the zombies.

Zombie Slot Machine Invasion

Alaxe In Zombieland By Microgaming

Alaxe will take you on an exciting journey in Zombieland. Watch each others backs as it’s not going to be a safe one. It features the characters from Alice in Wonderland, but with different intentions. All you need to do is push that spin button, you don’t have to enter the rabbit hole.

It is a video slot brought to life by the leader in the industry, Microgaming. A zombie slots game will set anybody’s expectations high in terms of content and design. Who else can deliver it best if not Microgaming.

It is 25 pay line 5 reel video slot with bonus game included. If you are lucky enough you can win some free spins and score couple of wins with a single bet only. Down the rabbit hole, you will find scatter and wild symbols that will boost your winning odds substantially. Remember, watch out for the zombies! Otherwise, you might miss the 2500 Jackpot.

Zombie Slot Machine Invasion