6 Efficient Ways To Manage Outdoor Assets

Outdoor asset security is a challenge confronting anyone with an asset. These could range from sling swings and playhouses in schools to landscapes and hardscapes in hotels and homes.  It may also include health facilities, plants, and equipment.  Hence, managing outdoor assets is not an easy job.

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These properties are constantly at risk of theft, vandalism, and other security threats. Hence, the need to manage and secure them. A reliable outdoor management solution could:

  • Discourage criminal activities around your asset.
  • Detect and record security breaches around your asset.
  • Trace assets if they’re stolen.
  • React to intrusion or theft.

In this post, you’ll find seven ways to help you deter theft, detect security threats, track a hijacked asset, and send out reactions to security threats around your assets.

1. Install Motion Detection Alarm Systems

As the name implies, these devices detect movements and sound an alarm when they do. Some even have features that alert security personnel for a prompt response. One benefit of using this type of management device is that they save you the stress and expenses of tracking intruders to retrieve your assets and prosecute them.

They can also work as a dilapidation survey by tracking asset damage and conditions. When the alarm is triggered, intruders let go of their criminal intentions to avoid being caught. Some motion detection systems even have video surveillance features. This also creates street view imagery as it constantly updates and becomes more detailed with constant use. Thus, making any criminal investigation easy and more efficient.

2. Put Video Surveillance

Most times, the only reason criminals will not come close to your property is because video cameras create a feeling someone is watching them. Although, these are for cases where cameras are visible to the eyes. Some cameras function well in the dark and can even pick sounds. So you’re sure of round-the-clock surveillance coverage.

Since outdoor properties can be easily accessed once the main entrance and exit routes are opened, you may consider mounting the surveillance cameras at the entrance and exit points. If any of your assets get stolen or vandalized where there’s video surveillance installed, you can easily trace the culprit for asset retrieval and eventual prosecution using the footage.

3. Plant Vehicle Immobilizers

Assuming you’re on a road repair project where you can’t set up perimeter hoarding, installing immobilizers on your equipment and trucks will make it almost impossible for a criminal to hijack them. You can even control an immobilizer remotely using your mobile phone or Global Positioning System (GPS) networks.

Aside from the massive security benefits of immobilizers, they’re also unique asset management tools. For instance, a car owner doesn’t need to remember an immobilizer since it can function automatically. That way, you can park your car outside confidently knowing it will be safe and secured for the following days.

4. Deploy Asset Trackers

In cases where a staff breaches physical access control systems to give access to criminals and enable them to make away with assets, a tracking device can help you trace the asset for retrieval. Some asset tracking systems have features that alert you when a tagged device, equipment, or asset has been moved beyond its boundary or operated at non-working hours.

There’re also techniques related to tracking assets that work as asset management strategies. Some of these include the deployment of barcodes, Quick Response codes (QR codes), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, and GPS.

5. Utilize Access Control Systems

With access control systems, only authorized persons can access a plant using a pin or biometric scanners. You can also fence sensitive outdoor spaces, install access systems, and deprive intruders of entry.

However, access control systems can be bypassed. Hence, there’s a need for proper monitoring and management. One of the best strategies is integrating the control with personal or organizational Information Technology (IT) structure. This way, you can better assess the system for efficient asset management.

6. Apply Electrified Fences And Sensors

Should an intruder tamper with the surveillance device, an electrified fence will make it impossible for them to access the property space. If they try climbing the wall, it triggers an alarm and at the same time shocks the intruder.

As security systems advance, criminals are coming up with ways to disarm them. For instance, a wall can be accessed using a hole, or steel proofs can be accessed through thermal lances. In such cases, a seismic sensor can detect the vibration caused by such activities and send out alerts for security threats.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor assets are expensive and may be difficult to replace when lost or destroyed. Thus, it’s imperative to install security management systems that can help protect your assets. However, do note your environment, nature of business, and type of assets will determine the kind of asset management system you ought to install. You may want to speak to an expert and have them come over to see your assets before making any purchase.

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