6 Secrets to Winning “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

We play Rock, Paper, Scissors in our house daily. Whether we are deciding who gets to choose a restaurant, who has to unload the dishwasher or who gets the remote control, we all agree on one thing: We respect the winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

If you are unfamiliar with this little game, here are the rules: Scissors cuts paper, rock crushes scissors, and paper covers (beats) rock. Winner is best out of three rounds. If you would like to see the hand motions for playing, you can watch the videos below.

Until recently, I always thought this was game of luck, but it isn’t. It’s a game of skill. Shhh… don’t tell anyone in my family this information. They are all wondering how I’ve suddenly become the Rock, Paper, Scissors champion.

Here are 6 secrets. When used simultaneously, I have found that they yield an 80% chance of a win, and a 90% chance of confusing your competitor.

It is all about psychology.

1. Know your opponent. As you’ll see in the video below, studies show that women start the game using scissors 60% – 80% of the time (much more than men). If you playing against a woman, use the rock more frequently. Some people believe that if you use rock 66% of the time or more, you will win against an amateur with ease. I cannot verify this with personal experience.

2. Wiggle your hand right before you play to psyche out your opponent into thinking you are going to play something different. For example, make a quick scissors hand gesture right before you actually play a paper (because he will play rock, thinking you were going to play scissors).

3. Most rookie men will start the game by using rock. So, knowing that info, if you are playing against him, use paper first.

4. Sometimes people will use the rock, paper or scissors twice in a row, but almost never will they use it three times in a row. If your opponent uses something twice, you can anticipate that his third will not be whatever that was and play accordingly.

5. Most people develop subconscious rock, paper, scissors patterns. They use the same ones in almost the same order frequently. If possible, study your opponent playing someone else before you play him, that way, you can learn the pattern.

6. Last but not least, this secret is really good if you’ve won the first game out of three. Most rookie players will subconsciously play whatever just beat them. If you just beat someone using rock, then play paper next because they will most likely play rock. I’ve found from experience that this one works almost every time.

I hope that you use these tips to kick some serious Rock, Paper, Scissors butt! Good Luck!

This is a great Bud Light 30 second commercial using Rock, Paper, Scissors: