Extreme Rock Paper Scissors: 4 New Throws To Spice It Up!

I know this might be a little bit painful to think about, but do you remember back when we didn’t have smartphones? Those were the days when a mobile phone was just used for calling people. I remember my first cell phone was a flip phone. I thought I was hot stuff. Now, my son, who is only ten years old, has his own phone. My how times have changed.

The makers of Angry Birds say that one reason their game is so successful is because it is used as a “time filler” when people have 3 minutes or less to kill while they are waiting for something like a call, a client, a train, a download, etc… Before smartphones were so popular, do you remember how we would fill those little chunks of time? I do. We would play rock, paper, scissors of course! I still play that game a lot. I can tell you from experience that there is some real strategy to it. It’s definitely a game that you can improve your skills on by simply practicing.

Some people are really serious about their rock, paper, scissors. There is even a guy who designed his own Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove that will play with you if you don’t have a partner. It even as an algorithm that picks up on your weaknesses to make it a real challenge. I recently found this playing guide for an advanced version of rock, paper, scissors. It includes four new throws like the Time Machine, the Cannibal, the Clone and the Thumbs Up. These will definitely make it more interesting. I’m going to try them!

New Rock Paper Scissors Game

New Rock Paper Scissors Game

New Rock Paper Scissors Game

Via: [The Daily What]