The Rock, Paper, Scissors Secret Weapon for Winning!

My son and I play rock, paper, scissors almost everyday. I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, the winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors always gets to make the big decisions in my house. I even studied the psychology surrounding that game and wrote an article about the secrets to winning – 6 Secrets to Winning “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. There is some real strategy to it all.

No matter how many secrets to winning you read about, there is only one true way to improve your game, and that is through practice. However, if you are like me, there are times when you want to practice but you don’t have a partner.

All that is about to change. Steve Hoefer, an inventor from San Francisco, created a Rock, Paper, Scissors glove that you can wear when you want to play the game and you don’t have a partner. The glove will be your partner. It requires no training or instruction, just put it on and play the game. It will compete against you.

But… beware… it has an algorithm in it which allows it to learn and it will pick up on your weaknesses and be kicking your butt in no time flat. If you play enough with this glove and win, you can be sure you’ll be able to win against any mere human. You can check out the specifics behind the making of this glove on Steve Hoefer’s blog here. He even offers a how-to-guide if you are considering making something like this for yourself.