7 Billion: How We Became So Many So Fast [Video Infographic]

Not too long ago, earth’s 7 billionth citizen was born, and the world marked another milestone on its long timeline. There is a lot of information that can be derived from this number, and what it represents, that we really don’t know much about. You might think that 7 billion is just a number that tells us how many people there are in the world. Even though that is a correct statement, it is also somewhat inaccurate. That number speaks volumes about emergencies that researchers, doctors and governments are constantly reacting to and trying to solve. What I am talking about is living space, food, diseases, and of course the human living conditions overall.

If we can’t sustain a larger population, we are doomed to fail. It’s as simple as that. Humanity has always been able to overcome the harshest obstacles, and I am sure we will find the solution for this as well. However, we are quickly becoming a lot of people on our tiny planet, and we need to make sure everyone gets the same chance at life. How on earth did we become 7 billion people in the first place?

Consider that we were only 0.3 billion people in 1,000 CE and now, a thousand years later, we are 7 billion. It is as hard to comprehend as the fact that we once thought the earth was flat. This can all be explained, and it has to do with the way medicine and hygiene has become a LOT better. In just 200 years, we went from 1 billion to 7 billion people. Researchers say that we will level out at 10 billion people sometime near the edge of the century. Will we? I guess only time will tell… tic toc…

How We Became 7 Billion People

Via: [Cool Infographics]