7 Professions Technology Will Never Replace

Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at a rate never seen before in humanity. The invention of the internet is not even 40 years old and the speed with which we have come from dial-up internet to superfast broadband is frightening. We have seen many traditional jobs replaced by machines as more and more production lines are becoming automated and taken over by robots.

However, all is not lost, many jobs require that human touch and more importantly emotion, it is what binds us all together after all. Some jobs also require trust and this is something that, at the moment, people don’t have in machines. Here we are going to look at 7 jobs that will continue to need that human touch and are unlikely to be replaced by technology.

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1. Computer System Operators

With the advancement of AI to the point that our economy is reliant on it, our economy is always going to need to be supported by computer engineers and analysts that implement the systems that AI needs. Robots will never be able to collaborate, analyze, review, and implement procedures within their own technology. This is firmly a role that will need to be conducted by human beings, not least for security requirements. Who knows what those robots would get up to otherwise!

2. Teachers

Yes, some aspects of the teaching world have been taken over by technology such as on-line learning resources, and tools needed for marking and assessing work. However, people learn best with human interaction, where there is empathy and understanding, and this is not something a robot can provide. We also need to feel that we are being imported knowledge by somebody with wisdom, and although computers have the knowledge they are not wise, they simply follow rules.

3. Sportspeople

Ok, there are those of us out there who don’t believe that being a sportsperson is a real job, but it is! It provides entertainment. Who would want to watch robots ‘running’ around a football pitch or a machine playing pool?! The very reason sport is popular is because of its human competitiveness, so sportspeople are here to stay.

4. Lawyers

In Las Vegas they have tried to use AI to solve the city’s traffic crisis, however, this still requires Attorneys to implement due to the complex processes involved. Lawyers’ jobs are based on analysis, negotiation, and strategy, and none of these things are associated with or can be done by AI or a robot.

A Las Vegas personal injury law firm could not operate under AI because subjective knowledge, opinion-based results, and empathy are all required for the role. A legal system needs people capable of understanding complex laws, so this is a sector that will largely remain technology free for the foreseeable future.

5. Politicians

I am sure we are all on the same page when I say that we do not want our country, or even world, run by machines. For whose benefit would they run it? Why should machines be able to make decisions that affect human beings? A robot cannot empathize or care so we would be in a very dark world. Robots are also not versatile, how would they deal with a situation like the Coronavirus pandemic, when they have a lack of emotions? We will continue to be led by humans, for the good or bad of mankind, for generations to come.

6. Priests

In general, humans struggle when taking advice from each other, so how would they fare when they have a machine preaching to them? They most definitely would not listen! Imagine your big day being presided over by a robot, or a baptism going wrong when the robot short circuits due to the water. We need our priests to have faith, emotion, and a sense of right and wrong, and these qualities are most definitely lacking with AI.

7. CEO’s

What is the main quality needed in a CEO? Leadership and this is something that machines certainly don’t have. We need our CEO’s to be motivators of enormous teams, we need them to create a strategy and to focus on shareholders’ objectives. All of these qualities are subjective and therefore something a computer can’t learn. How would a workforce be compelled to work effectively if their leader was an unemotional machine? There would be no loyalty and no productivity. Like it or not but your very real human boss is here to stay!

As we have seen there are many jobs that technology will never replace and these all have one thing in common; they need to be done with emotion and understanding or have a real-life human touch. As a race, we are simply not going to agree to be taught by a machine that cannot impart wisdom, or be preached to by somebody or something without empathy and forgiveness. We crave human touch and in many fields, we could not survive without it. We can leave technology and computers to streamlining, coordinating, and simplifying our world.

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