8-Bit Video Game Alphabet For The Learning Nerd

The way designers try to express their creativity is as multifaceted as a fly’s eye. There are a few things they can do to undertake a large project, and know they will get some attention when they are done. It doesn’t have to be a whole website or campaign, but rather just something that will get their name and resourcefulness out to the masses so people can find them and see their skills.

Creating an inspiring alphabet has proven to be quite fruitful for plenty of artists, and there are quite a few amazing alphabets out there where the letters are as inspiring as the words they form. Since there are a number of letters in the alphabet, there is plenty of time to show off some of that knowledge you have acquired throughout your career as a designer, so jumping right into it is a must. To have a red line through the alphabet is of course preferred; however, not necessary if you come up with a pretty cool theme just like some of the alphabets we have presented here on Bit Rebels throughout the time of our existence.

The deviantART user ColiesCuteCrafts put together a really awesome and retro 8-bit video game alphabet that will have your child break away from that first person shooter he or she is so attached to. It includes everything from Super Mario, Metroid to Worms and Mega Man so there will be little time to focus on anything other than the creativity of this impressive alphabet.

As a designer, I find these creative outbursts to be highly inspiring and also quite interesting because the artist always puts so much work into the creative process. The 8-bit feel of it all of course doesn’t hurt either, and the retro feeling I get by just checking out this alphabet poster is greatly appreciated. As you all know, we here at Bit Rebels take the retrofication of things rather seriously, and any chance we get to showcase its awesomeness is an opportunity we just won’t miss. This is one of them, and the knowledgeable angle to is just another plus if you ask me.

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8-Bit Video Game Alphabet Design