8 Twitter Inspired Tattoos – What Were They Thinking?

Can you even imagine? “Look Mom, I got a Twitter tattoo!” You know I’m fascinated with tattoos, I’ve been writing about them for almost a whole year. Even though I remain tattoo-less myself, it doesn’t mean I don’t want one, but as of yet, I’m still a big chicken.

The designs people choose are always so interesting to me. I know some people get wild and crazy and spontaneously get a tattoo, but I think for the most part, people put a lot of thought into it. After all, unless you want to go through a bunch of pain in the ass, it is there to stay, forever, right? Since that’s the case, why would these people choose to get Twitter tattoos? Are they for real? Really?

In a few years, that will be about as classy as having a MySpace tattoo. Maybe I’m missing something here. I guess if it make you happy, what the heck, right? One thing is for sure; it is definitely entertaining. Enjoy.

Obviously this one below is the work of Photoshop

This is not a tattoo, but it’s so cute I had to include it. I want Twitter fingernails for Halloween this year. Fun!

Thanks for being deliciously freaky and sharing your pics!