A Collection of Weird Shoes! Style vs. Comfort

I love shoes. I guess it runs in our family. If I have lots of shoes, you should see my sister’s closet! It took us a whole day to transfer our shoes to our new home when we moved two years ago. Shoes are a girl’s best friend, and we can never have enough. We truly need different types of shoes depending on our mood, the style of our dress and our activities for the day.

I have a friend who went to Italy just to study how to design shoes. She says that it is quite inspiring to be able to create so many styles. She said there are so many techniques that she needed to master. However, when it comes to designing shoes, I believe that you have keep your customer in mind. Comfort is really important, but as I always say, we also need to take care of our feet!

I found some shoes that I have categorized as weird! If you take a good look at each of them, you might also wonder what went through the minds of these designers when they were working on these designs. I must admit, they may be weird, but some of them look really nice. The only question that pops on my head is: Would I wear them? Would you?

Image Credit: [FeeFiFoto] [Monicels Blog][WeirdShoes] [VH1] [De Clubz/Converse] [Web Urbanist]