A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper! – Funny Inspiration

I have watched the Star Wars Trilogy and the new Star Wars movies so many times that I can actually say the lines of the characters by memory. My older brother was the one that got us all hooked on Star Wars. I love the cinematography, the special effects, and the characters. When you watch the movie, you get so enthralled with the story and the images that you think it is real. George Lucas did an amazing job! My favorite characters are the ewoks, Chewbacca, and the stormtroopers.

The stormtroopers are the best. They are quiet and very loyal to the Emperor. You never see them complain and you always see them battling it out with the movie’s main heroes. I found some cool pictures that I thought were interesting to share to you, our lovely readers. I thought the photographer captured a different side of the characters. This is very creative, and it made me smile. Who would think they could have another life? The photos were done by Greg Easton Photography. Great job! You can see more of their work at https://www.flickr.com/people/asylum_collectibles/. I love the “It’s just one of those days” picture the best. What is your favorite?

Main Image Source – .. And that is News to me ..

Image Source –  Just another day at Imperial Parcel Service

Image source – Play with your toys

Image Source The great Flickr Brown Out

Image Source – Laundry Day at the Death Star

Image Source -Stormtroopers. Scourge of the Rebellion.

Image Source – House Guests

Image Source –  It’s just been one of those days…