A Different WTF: The Star Wars Theme Song In French

Most of the time I can’t believe that there will actually be something even weirder after I have seen something that you could only describe as out of this world. But as sure as there will be snow in the winter, there is always something that shows up that is even beyond what I had just seen. Of course, it all depends on what you have seen before, and what you consider to be weird. When it comes to Star Wars, the question really is, is anything weird at all? I mean, they have the most outrageous characters, and the most insane technology in those movies, and we’ve never stopped being amazed by the innovations and the ingeniously geeky format they are presented in.

However, I think you will have to agree with me when I say that when it comes to Star Wars and songs, things suddenly become a little over the edge and almost in the territory of the daily WTF. Yup, I said it! However, here is the problem, and it’s important to put this delicately. I love languages, accents and dialects. Ask anyone who has talked to me for any length of time. I have to try out different languages, and usually I make a fool out of myself most of the time.

I have managed to stumble over a clip of the Star Wars theme being sung in French. I didn’t even think there were lyrics to the song, and honestly, I don’t think there were until now… and they are in French. I don’t speak French, but I think it is a beautiful language to listen to. However, I know very little about it and can probably count the words that I know on my ten fingers. So, if you have ever had the craving to listen to the Star Wars theme song in French, this is your chance. Go nuts! If we have any French readers out there, and if you have the time, please enlighten us with what the lyrics are so we might understand a little bit more about why the Star Wars theme song even needs lyrics. Thank you!

Star Wars Song In French

Via: [MonsieurEntoine]