A Stop Motion Video Within A Stop Motion Video

I guess by now everyone knows what a stop motion movie is. There have even been a few on the silver screen, and a couple that have done very well at the box office. As a matter of fact, some of Tim Burton‘s most successful movies are stop motion pictures, so there should be no question when discussing whether this way of making movies is actually a successful format. I have always felt that there is a lack of stop motion pictures and videos. I loved the The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I never liked Corpse Bride. Even though it is the same creator, once again Tim Burton, I never really got into the second one for some reason.

Even though there is a slight lack of stop motion movies and videos, that’s not saying there are no stop motion movies or videos at all. However, when it comes to adding a stop motion video in a stop motion video, that’s when we’re researching a field with quite limited contestants. I have only seen one such video, and that is exactly what I am going to show you here in this article. It’s a video project created by Eran Amir.

The video is called “500 People In 100 Seconds” and features, yeah you guessed it, 500 people in 100 seconds holding a picture which in itself is animated by the stop motion video. We’re talking about some serious inception stuff here, and it is anything but boring. The music, created by Maxmaber Orkestar, even adds to the whole masterpiece of this artwork which is full of flavor. It’s hard to explain it, and you can only experience it by checking it out yourself. It’s one thing to create a stop motion video, but it’s a whole different thing to create a stop motion video in a stop motion video. It’s brilliant work, and a master idea if you ask me.

500 People In 100 Seconds