Ad Spot Available in SPACE!

Yup, you read it! But, let’s start from the beginning shall we. In 1993 a company named Space Marketing Inc. drew up plans to launch and deploy a 1 square kilometer big illuminated “Billboard” into space and Coca Cola was rumored to have the first ad on it which were going to be seen anywhere on earth at night time. The advertisement would be roughly the same size and brightness as the moon and was to be made out of sheets of “Mylar”. However, the plans were brought to a definite stop when further calculations were made and it was estimated that the “Billboard” was going to be hit by more than 10,000 pieces of space debris.

Well, now another company spawned a “Great” idea which will forever destroy the moon. This company (don’t have the name of the company) has developed a technique called “Shadow Shaping” which basically means that robots will carve small ridges in the lunar dust over large areas of the moon. This will make a sort of “Etching” on the surface of the moon which will be seen from Earth at night.

Price for an ad? Well, they start at a small $46.000 and there is no proof they have any customers yet. If you ask me, DON’T! leave my moon alone.

Imagine the scenario… You’re with your girl. On a deserted place with no disturbing lights around. You see the night sky and all its billions of stars. There is the moon. -“Baby, look at the moon. Isn’t it beautiful…with that Coca Cola ad on it?”

Nah, I am heavily against it. What about you?