Alternative Propulsion: Coca Cola Rocket Car

In a world where everything seems to be revolving around oil, we’re frenetically trying to find an alternative to the gas problem we’re facing. It isn’t always about finding a new source of energy or finding something else we can deplete over time. It’s mostly about making what we have at our disposal right now more efficient. We’re using up oil at an alarming rate, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to ease up on it either. However, if you thought people had stopped being creative when it comes to ideas about what we could be using instead, you are entirely wrong. There are plenty of cool things out there that keep inspiring us to take the next step towards something more efficient.

Some of the coolest ideas out there are usually the least efficient ones unfortunately, and some are even no good at all. However, they are what bring eyeballs, and that’s what we’re after here at Bit Rebels. The guys behind Eepy Bird know a lot about being creative and cool at the same time, especially within the geek community. What they have done is to create the first Coca Cola Zero and Mentos propelled car ever in existence, I think.

It’s an insane build with 108 x 2 litre bottles of Coca Cola Zero and a ton of Mentos just ready to propel the car forward, and boy does it make an impact. If you thought the Coca Cola rocket was only valid as a one bottle shot, you were wrong. Put them all together, and you possibly have yourself something awesome. This car uses a lot of plumbing, and it is propelled a whopping 221 feet on just Coca Cola Zero and Mentos! Isn’t that the most insane thing you have ever seen so far? I mean, it might not be very cost effective, but it sure as hell is awesome!

Coca Cola Rocker Race Car