Airpaq – An Upcycled Backpack Made Out Of Scrap Material From Cars!

The importance of recycling scrap materials that may otherwise end up in the trash is known to all of us. However, Adrian Goosses and Michael Widmann, founders of Airpaq, are taking the trend of upcycling to a whole new level. These young men have transformed a college project of creating a functional item from scrap into a product that will sweep you off your feet.

[pullquote]We present to you the Airpaq, a backpack made entirely using car waste, namely airbags, seatbelts, and buckles.[/pullquote] This innovative product makes use of the material of airbags and seatbelts, which is designed to endure extreme conditions. This means that the Airpaq is highly durable while being completely eco-friendly!

Available in four different colors, red, black, blue, and yellow, the Airpaq has a modern yet utilitarian design. This upcycled backpack has multiple compartments, a hidden pocket, as well as a padded compartment for the storage of laptops. The straps are easy to adjust and the material of the backpack is waterproof, which makes it perfect for daily use.

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This super stylish backpack comes with a white rolltop and the total capacity of the bag is 21 Litres. What is more, the closing mechanism uses a seatbelt buckle to secure the backpack and there is also a hidden reflector to provide the user more visibility at night time.

What adds to the coolness quotient of the Airpaq is the fact that due to the variations in the scrap materials, each backpack is slightly unique. The fact that there will be no exact match to your Airpaq on the planet should be reason enough to purchase this awesome product.

The team at Airpaq has already produced a batch of 100 upcycled backpacks and they have created a Kickstarter campaign to roll out more. [pullquote]This is one project that deserves all the support because it makes recycling cool.[/pullquote]

The founders have created a steady supply chain by working with 10 different scrap yards and have also paid close attention to making the production process smooth, so as to ensure excellent quality of the backpacks. Additionally, they have also created Airpaq Wallets, stylish accessories that are available in combination with the backpacks. It is extremely impressive how Adrian and Michael came up with the idea to recycle airbags and seatbelts to create a product that is a necessity for students, travelers, and professionals.

Even more brilliant is the fact that these bags surpass the regular variants in terms of durability and have a sleek design as well. Looking at these beauties, it is extremely hard to tell that they are made using materials that are found lying around in scrap yards.

The Airpaq provides comfort and style as well as the satisfaction that your purchase is contributing to the environment in a positive way. This proves how a simple vision to modify the use of a common object or material can give birth to a top-quality product. Whether you like backpacking to unknown lands or simply need a bag to throw your stuff into before heading out to work or college, the Airpaq will come in extremely handy.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign of this incredible backpack now to support a product that is here to up the game of upcycling!

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Airpaq – An Upcycled Backpack Made Out Of Scrap Material From Cars!

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