Alarmingly Cute Star Wars Bobble Heads Now Available

I am going to go for a strike today with Star Wars related material. With this many years in development, Star Wars certainly deserves all the attention we can throw at it. After all, George Lucas has given us a world within our own and boat loads of gadgets that never would have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for the many science fiction gadgets flashed in the Star Wars movies. And there is certainly no shortage of gear both with and without the Star Wars brand tagged on it. Some are official and some are not, and I guess Mr. Lucas must have a whole battalion of people just scouring the Internet after unauthorized gear that is being sold left and right. I can imagine these things bring in quite a lot of loot and the clan of Lucas, I am sure, wants in on it. After all, it was their creation from the get go.

However, what is official is that there will soon be Star Wars Bobble Heads available to us all, and they are almost too cute to take. It’s like one of those animated movies you saw as a child, and when they make a remake of it, they always go for the prequel instead. It’s like it is an unwritten law or something. And, what comes with a prequel, one might question.

Well, of course, all these characters are young and in the beginning of life, which will set the tone for a more child-oriented movie. It’s never too late to reel them toddlers into the world of Star Wars just like they did with us grown-ups when we were kids ourselves. These new and adorable Star Wars Bobble Heads are coming out in February 2011, but you can pre-order them today. Don’t even think they are uberly expensive either. For just $9.99 you get to choose one character out of the series which includes Princess Leia, Greedo, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and Yoda.