Alien Wackiness – Home Decor Inspiration (wth?)

Omg… sometimes we just have too much fun on Bit Rebels. Last night I wrote an article about a giant alien shower sculpture that vomits water. I had to watch a happy television show after writing that so I wouldn’t have bad dreams when I fell asleep (I normally don’t watch TV).

Many times our readers will email me feedback about my articles, and I really enjoy those emails. Today I received an email from one of our dear readers which shared yet another kooky alien structure for your house. This one is an alien CD rack.

Now, before I show this to you, I have a few questions. First of all, aren’t aliens supposed to be technologically advanced? What the heck is a funny looking alien doing peeking out from that CD rack? Oh… I know… these are ancient aliens transported here from the 80s, right? Oh, wait, I know, these aliens are sooo advanced, they probably use CDs and other outdated media to feed their young, right? ;)

All I know is that if you sport that bizzaro shower in your bathroom, and this CD rack in your living room, you won’t have to worry about anyone robbing your house. Trust me, the thieves will move on to their next target. Hahaha

[via trendsupdates]