Aliens In Our Sewers

So the day finally came when we heard we had Aliens in our sewers. Having lived in Los Angeles I have certainly heard my share of creatures lurking around in the sewers around the Hollywood area. Everything from Crocodiles, Anaconda’s to deformed humans living off of the toxic waste that’s pumped into the sewers everyday. So, Aliens…why doesn’t that surprise me. Well, the footage taken by sewer snake cam (which they use to check the sewers from cracks or clogs) shows several “blobs” of unidentified origin. Or at least that’s what every UFO hunter want to believe.

We’ve had an extensive investigation about the blobs here in Sweden and the most credible scientists and biologists have watched the footage of the creature(s) (for that’s what they say it is) and all agree it’s a form of sewer worms, usually submerged underneath the sewer water. They also say it’s clear as day when they are submerged into water that they are worms however, while draining the sewer from water in order to check it, they became a huge ball of…well worms clearly visible in the footage. What do you think it is?