Alternative Pottery: Books, Bags and What Have You

Interior design today is pretty much futuristic, and the angles are getting weirder with every day that goes by. What looked like a normal couch yesterday, now looks a lot like something taken from a spaceship. Kitchenware, beds and other furniture looks like they are the brain children of some traveler from the future, and all we can do is get the old wallet out, pay up and go merry on home acting like it’s all a part of our own will. But really, how much do stores like IKEA, Crate & Barrel and other places like that push us in the direction they want us to go? Is there some master plan that is pursued here? If you really think about it, who is it that decides what furniture is presented to us in their stores? Aren’t we all victims of a group of designers telling us what to like?

Of course not! Or at least I don’t want to think so. However, sometimes when I look at what’s available in my thin wallet, it surprises me that all of it is “spaceified” with no touch of personality at all. How would you, for example, plant your in-house flowers and stuff? In pottery, right? But who said we have to use pottery to plant them in our windows or on the floor beside the couch?

Maybe we all should follow Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry‘s lead and start thinking a little out of the box. Instead of wasting money on stuff that is new, why not go into the age of recycling for real. In a few well thought up pictures, they show us how alternative pottery could look. Whatever you do with it is entirely up to you. Say what you will, it’s definitely creative!