Amazing LEGO Headphones Look Great But Don’t Make A Sound

So far here on Bit Rebels, we have featured a lot of LEGO builds that have all had some kind of purpose, right? I mean, not that their purpose has been of the useful kind, just that they have been all about play or even some kind of accessory for a real gadget or toy. LEGO is such a versatile toy, which really doesn’t have any limitations. However, today I have a different LEGO build in mind for you all. It’s one that will possibly change the way you look at LEGO altogether. The amazing LEGO build I am about to show you is a one of a kind thing that I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t have any kind of use whatsoever, but I doubt you will find a more lifelike build at least this month.

The artist behind this amazing LEGO build is Ryan, also called Eldeeem on Flickr. His contribution to the ever growing inspiration folder for all things LEGO is a pair of amazing LEGO headphones that are almost too real to be categorized as a LEGO build. When you see them, you will no doubt think other things have been used besides LEGO in order to complete them, but that’s where you are wrong. This amazing LEGO build will have you sporting a pair of the coolest headphones you have ever seen.

These headphones look amazing, but they will never as much as make a single sound. It’s kind of sad really because something as good looking as these are truly worth all the attention and functionality that a pair of headphones could ever have. I love how Ryan was able to use the tires as the rim of the headphones themselves in order to get that “puffy” feeling of the speakers. It’s pretty genius if you ask me. I don’t know if there are cords in LEGO, I think there are actually, but if not, that is the only thing Ryan has added to his build in order to get the right look. These amazing LEGO headphones totally deserve to be seen. Don’t be shy, share them with your friends. They will probably think they are just as insane as you and I do!

Ryan’s Amazing LEGO Headphones Build

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Via: [The Brothers Brick]