America According To Twitter

Everyone that has used Twitter knows that in the very beginning of their Twitter career, people are clueless about what the service is used for. It’s such a simple idea, yet with so much potential that you start wondering if it will really be beneficial to you. Once you start getting into things, you quickly start to understand that there are so many layers to Twitter. It really has something for everyone. When I started, Twitter was still young, and the shortage of musicians, for example, was quite apparent. People flocked to the service to share and to network. Now that the platform has evolved, it is really a hybrid of things that keep getting better and better and deeper and deeper.

With Twitter also came some new words. These are words that we really didn’t look at prior to the Twitter revolution. Some of these words we didn’t even have until someone on Twitter came up with them. If I were to mention all the words that sprung up once Twitter started getting a tad more popular, this article would be really long. What I really want to point out is that there are a lot of things that changed once Twitter began.

Even the look of the U.S. has changed. I’m not referring so much to the country itself (more than that it has become a speedy source of news), but the knowledge we have gained about it. The states are of course not unaffected by this. Column Five and inboxQ put together what I can only describe as one of the most interesting posters to come out of everyone’s tweets on Twitter. It’s of course the “America According To Twitter” poster. This is apparently the way that the general population of Twitter is viewing America as it stands today. Is it accurate? Well, I guess only you can make up your mind about that. You have to admit though that Twitter has changed quite a lot through the years. For example, I think that Twitter has brought us everlasting life. Why? Well, I think Jeff Goldblum has died a couple of times now, along with a lot of other celebrities, and since they are still alive, we must have gotten everlasting life from Twitter.

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America According To Twitter Poster