Android vs. iOS: Loyalty Among Users [Infographic]

Android and iOS users have always competed about pretty much everything. It’s an interesting rivalry that constantly spawns new products and innovations, not to mention never ending arguments about which one is best. There are of course statistics that could settle every single one of these arguments, but it is always frowned upon and usually declared to be either inadequate data or data that has been tampered with. Today I thought we’d look at yet another Android vs. iOS comparison. This is one that Android users might get a big smile and a kick out of. Statistics have always been a way to measure things, even though they might not always be accurately represented. But in this Android vs. iOS comparison, we’ll assume the data properly accumulated.

The data that these statistics is based upon should actually be more than enough. By examining over 1 billion data points and 10,000 developers during October 2012, the statistics became clear. This infographic presented by Bugsense (design by Maria Nasioti) is called Android vs iOS: Which Users Stay Faithful, and it is an in-depth look at how users act upon a crashed application.

Poor programming or even bugs in the operating system can cause an application to crash, which of course makes users highly annoyed if they have paid money for the application. How much will a user put up with? How loyal are users compared across operating systems? Is an Android vs. iOS comparison really going to show us that big of a difference in loyalty among users?

Yes, as it turns out there is quite a large difference between the two. When it comes to free apps, Android users are actually less loyal and go as far as delete the app that crashed. However, when it comes to paid applications, iOS users are suddenly way quicker to delete the app. Is that because iOS users are way more wasteful when it comes to money?

The could be many different reasons of course, but the statistics are clear that when it comes to applications crashing, and this Android vs. iOS comparison yields quite a lot of interesting data. If we look at these statistics more roughly, it seems that iOS users are more likely to delete an application due to a crash than Android users are. Whether that is good or bad is hard to say. Maybe this Android vs. iOS comparison presents the reason why Apple’s App Store sells so many apps…

Bugsense’s Android vs. iOS Application Loyalty

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