Andy Warhol Pop Art Recreated In Lego

We have covered Lego so much throughout the years that I almost don’t know which I like more, the epic builds or the micro ones. There are also the ones that are in between that don’t get as much attention. Those are usually ones that are really cool, nice and well thought out, but they don’t really poke the nerve when it comes to making a long lasting impression. I thought I would dedicate this article to one of those builds. It’s not huge, and it is not a miniature of anything. It’s just a really well thought out build that will take the original and make it unique. I could of course wrap this build into a lot of nice words and glorify it to the moon and back. However, I would rather tell you that it’s builds like these that make the others possible.

This build is an homage to Andy Warhol, one of the biggest pop culture artists of our time. He is a legend when it comes to new, fresh and trendy art once upon a time. It’s a Lego portrait of Andy Warhol in true Warhol spirit if you know what I mean. Nathan Sawaya, aka The Brickartist, put this really impressive build together. You might think that it’s a small size build, but the artwork required Nathan to place over 1,500 blocks of Lego in order to fully complete it.

It’s a portrait that I think will truly make any living room shine with geekiness. The only thing is, there is only one of these. If you want to have one for yourself, I suggest you get started on your own build because I doubt Nathan will part from such a nice piece of artwork now that he has finally completed it. This would make a royal contribution to a geeky office somewhere. It could be a good idea to mass produce these in Lego and sell them to uber geeks like all of us who like the Lego culture. It might be a labor intensive process; however, I am sure the result would be epic in nature now that we haven’t mentioned that word for a while in this article.

Andy Warhol Recreated In Lego

Andy Warhol Recreated In Lego

Andy Warhol Recreated In Lego

Via: [Chip Chick]