Angry Birds Easter Edition Snapshots Released

Who doesn’t love to play Angry Birds? I know I do, and I have already played most of the versions available including Angry Birds Rio. The success of the game can be attributed to the developer’s constant updates on the challenges, which the players now expect. After the success of the original Angry Birds, you will notice a lot of other apps started using birds as their characters also. I found the other ones to be pretty lame. The graphics alone fall short, and for those competitors who are able to improve the look and the design, there is another element missing. That urge to concentrate when playing Angry Birds since you need to out do the ‘pigs” (or the other nemesis on other games) is lost on the most competing game experiences.

As I mentioned, different versions of the game are created, usually on on a per season basis. There was one for St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and even Valentine’s Day. Soon the Easter edition will be released, and it will come with 15 new levels that gamers will definitely enjoy. For those of you who are using Android, you will definitely enjoy the upgrade since this application is free on that platform. For the rest of us iPhone and iPad users, we will need to pay for the full edition; however, remember there is always the free lite version. For Angry Birds addicts like me, paying for the app is worth every penny. I came across these snapshots of the Angry Birds Easter Edition which were recently released. Just from looking at the pictures, I can already feel the thrill and the anticipation. I know you can’t wait for it too!

Angry Birds Easter Edition


Angry Birds Easter Edition

Angry birds Easter Edition

Angry Birds Easter Edition

Image Credits: [Android Community]