Angry Birds Laptop Decals: Keep The Fight Going

The Angry Birds hysteria seems to be going on forever.  Not that I mind the fight or the concept of it, it’s quite genius if you ask me.  Who would have thought birds against pigs would make such an epic fight.  For every day that passes, it seems that the Angry Birds concept gets an even more ironclad hold on us.  New products with the birds and the pigs are released almost on an hourly basis.  There’s even a new game coming out called Angry Birds Rio that has already been featured in an animated movie from one of the largest movie companies in the world.  As a matter of fact, they are collaborating on the game as well.  By the look of things, we seem to be stuck with Angry Birds for just a little while longer.

So, in the spirit of things, why not keep the fight going even if the power to your device is shut off, and you’re ready to kick back for just a little bit.  The new Angry Birds Laptop Decals should settle it.  Now adding these elements, and quite a lot of them, to your laptop will keep the fight going for days.  You can even rearrange the decals as you see fit.

You see, you don’t want the birds to win all the time, do you?  Add them to the back of your laptop and you’ll be sure to get some stares at the McDonald’s restaurant or in the coffee shop around the corner.  Who knows, you might even be able to score a conversation with that person you’re always looking at across the tables.  Angry Birds make it happen… or not!  The Angry Birds Laptop Decals are available over at Etsy from seller xMac and sell for $12.99 a set.

Angry Birds Latop Back View

Blue Angry Bird Slingshot Wars

Angry Birds Green Pigs Bunker