Arcade Art: Massive Vintage Video Game Chart

If you love retro arcade games from the ’80s like we do, you are going to enjoy this for sure. For a lot of us, playing those games when we were growing up was a huge part of our childhood, and seeing each game brings back a whole flood of special memories.

Even today I have a full size arcade game in my house. It takes quarters of course, and just like in the old days, if I can’t find a quarter, I can’t play. I try to keep a stash on hand at all times. There’s nothing like working off a little stress with that big old metal joystick and huge screen. Axel Pfaender loves vintage arcade games too. He even created this massive mega chart which has so many of my classic favorites.

According to his website, Axel writes, it’s an “inspirational poster for my studio wall. It’s a collection of the best in arcade art, including cabinet art, manuals and control panels.” Which ones of these have you played? I really like how he put the year next to each game. It’s hard to believe some of these have been out since the ’70s. If you want to see another unique retro video game inspired design, click over to this video game that does laundry. Now that’s a fun way to wash clothes!

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Donkey Kong Pacman Retro Games

Donkey Kong Arcade Video

Space Invaders Pacman Donkey Kong

Via: [Technabob] [Nerd Approved]