AT-AT Handbag For The Puppet Playing Star Wars Fans

As a geek, accessorizing can be both difficult and time consuming. You have to save up accessories over time in order to create the ultimate geek inventory. At least that was the way to do it in the ’80s and maybe even the ’90s when the world was not really as optimized for geeks as it is now. Today you can go into pretty much any store and find something geeky and cool. But finding something that is totally original is a lot harder now than before. That’s why this Star Wars AT-AT Plush Handbag has become so popular I suppose. Not only does it complement the most hardcore Star Wars fan to the fullest, but it’s quite awesome in its design as well.

If you are a geek girl and are looking for something out of the ordinary, I would definitely suggest you have a look at this AT-AT handbag. It’s made available by the always so geeky ThinkGeek and has two pockets, one big and one small, to carry things in. The description of it is quite hilarious since it says it can also “kinda walk like a puppet.” I know right? How could you not want one of these kickass bags if you are a true geek girl.

The AT-AT handbag will set you back a sneaky $39.99 and is sure to make you the most original geek girl on the entire block. I bet you haven’t seen this thing walking around with another owner, so you have a good chance here to start a trend. If you consider calling yourself a true Star Wars fangirl, this is totally what you need to get. Without it, you are just an ordinary and plain Star Wars traveler who doesn’t know how to accessorize. I tell you, with this AT-AT handbag, you not only have a bag to carry your Star Wars stuff in, but you will also make sure you have a cool puppet if you ever have to perform a short episode from Star Wars on the street to collect pocket change. See, this bag will practically pay for itself.

AT-AT Plush Handbag By ThinkGeek




Via: [Craziest Gadgets]