Badass LEGO Guns: A Book To Teach You How To Play For Real!

Just like any geek, we here at Bit Rebels love to play with LEGO. I think Diana has stated that before and it’s completely true. The joy just never stops when you have a few blocks of LEGO at your disposal. Building complex builds just continues, and as you know, the possibilities will never end. It’s the imagination that will limit what you can build. You don’t; however, have to go all out just because you find a pile of LEGO. I know, from experience, sometimes it can be a little hard thinking up new things to build. That’s when it can be helpful to get a little inspiration to help you over the edge. The push could come from just browsing through the Internet and finding other people’s builds. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

But if you’re hardcore, and you want to build something a little bit more, even though it’s quite sad and grown-up, I have to recommend this book courtesy of Martin Hudepohl. The name of the book is “Badass LEGO Guns,” and it is sure to add a few hours to your free time. In it, you will find 5 different badass guns that have step by step build instructions for your pleasure.

The point really is to help you understand complex builds and not to play war when done, I think. Or at least that’s what I hope. But I have to admit that the cover gun seems quite complex and advanced, and I surely wouldn’t mind having a go at it if I had time. I guess there is a time for everything. LEGO just happens to come a few spots down on my list. But for all of you people who live, breath and eat (I hope not!) LEGO, this is the thing to get. You can pick it up over at O’Reilly Books and Videos for just $29.95.