Balloon Twisting Goes Epic With Buzz Lightyear & Ninja Turtles

I have personally always been fascinated with the creativity showcased by people who master the skill of balloon twisting. It’s one of those really weird art forms that you don’t really understand why people start tinkering with in the first place. I mean, sure it’s awesome and all that, but how does the idea of becoming a balloon twister pop into your head, get a hold of you, and grow into a career? Sometimes life is an unknown path of awesomeness. You just have to let it take over you. There are of course a million different designs out there that people have created with balloons, but very few of them have impressed me in the same epic way as these Buzz Lightyear and Ninja Turtle balloon twisting projects have.

These balloon twisting costumes were made by the creative people over at Balloon Distractions and should put a an awesome-stamp on your day. Imagine popping into a Halloween party dressed in one of these. Not only would it be epic, but it would be quite easy to get out of your costume once the party was over. All you need to do is pop all the balloons, and you’re free to go. But then again, it would be quite sad to see such a great creation go to waste after a night of partying, wouldn’t you agree? Good thing there are cameras these days that can document your awesomeness when you wear one of these insanely cool things.

I am sure they are working on a range of cool little balloon costumes over there. They can’t put out these two awesome things and then just stop, right? I am sure we’ll soon see the whole Avengers team as a balloon twisting costume project. If anything, it would be off the wall cool. I have seen a lot of balloon twisting greatness in my life, but I have to admit that few of them have been as magical as these. I would totally go with the Buzz Lightyear one. Anyone got a Halloween party I can go to? Balloon twisting FTW!

Balloon Distractions’ Creative Balloon Twisting Costumes


Via: [Technabob]