DIY Batgirl Tights: Show The World Your Superhero Style

With all the superhero stuff we write about here on Bit Rebels, there is a shortage of Wonder Woman and Batgirl topics. I always notice that, but I suppose it’s because the majority of popular superheroes aren’t female. I have no doubt that will change in the future though. When I saw these purple and yellow DIY Batgirl tights, I knew I had to show you. They are exactly what I needed to see this morning to put some pep in my step.

These were created by Elise Jimenez at Geekilicious. She saw these tights on Pinterest one day, and from that, she got her inspiration to create her Batgirl tights. After seeing both pairs of tights, I think hers are definitely better, and if you are a geek, I’m sure you will agree with me. She wrote, “In my mind, I could only see bats.”

She even posted her detailed tutorial if you want to make some of these for yourself. However, she warns that it’s time consuming, messy and requires a lot of patience. Most things I’ve made are like that though, and they always end up being the best things ever. Although it’s hard to see in these pictures, these tights are actually hand painted. Aside from your legs and a pair of tights, you only need some fabric paint, something to cut the template from, a paintbrush and sponge, and a hair blowdryer.

You can click over to her site for the step-by-step directions. Since you paint the bats on your legs while wearing the tights, and then you have to wait for them to dry, I can see what she means by saying it requires patience to make these. Maybe during the drying time you could watch a Batman movie to remind you why you decided to make these in the first place. Have fun!

DIY Batgirl Tights Tutorial

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Via: [So Geek Chic]