Batman Concept F1 Race Car Will Make You Drool For Speed

How can you possibly make the Batman concept any cooler? It seems Christopher Nolan knew how. But now what? There are people who love the new Batman art style that we’ve been seeing. The new gadgets and accessories are getting more and more advanced, and they are refined into futuristic awesomeness. We have all seen the LEGO builds that are now popping up with Batman as the inspiration source. Diana wrote about it yesterday in an epic post about the Batman tumbly. There have even been real Batman concept builds created around the world, and they too keep popping up every now and then. And, that is exactly what we are going to check out today.

This particular build is one that probably has to be experienced in person in order for us to truly appreciate its awesomeness. Well, that would be if it was real. It’s actually a Batman concept F1 (formula one) race car that will make any speed freak drool out of pure excitement. This conceptual rendering comes from deviantART artist KnightVision3D, and it is a good one. I am sure if someone were to actually go ahead and make this Batman concept car into a real one, it would spawn a ton of attention.

I still haven’t seen the latest Batman movie (Dark Knight Rises), and this totally makes me want to go and check it out. I have heard great reviews about it, and how epic it really is. Well, hopefully someone will pick up this concept and try and make it into a real formula one car. It’s a great Batman concept that totally fits with the whole new Batman theme. It deserves to see the light of day regardless of the cost. This is by far the Batman fix of the day, and I am sure we’ll see a lot more from KnightVision3D in the future. Batman concept designs are always appreciated all over the world, and this is one of the cooler ones.

Batman Concept F1 Race Car By KnightVision3D




Via: [Nerd Approved]