Behold The Hubcap Christmas Tree

Each year around Christmas, we cut down an obscene number of trees in order to get that Christmassy feeling. After a few weeks, all those trees just get discarded to become trash or bio fuel in the very best cases. There are a lot of other alternatives to the real deal, and one of those options is a plastic tree that you can buy for almost cheaper than the real ones in many cases. Of course, that depends on what kind you are shooting for, but the investment is about ten times better if you buy a plastic tree if you look at it from a financial perspective only. This is because you’ll be able to use it time and time again, year after year, without having to pay any extra money.

However, there are always some people in the world who keep coming up with even more alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree. Last year, it was the Recycled Bottle Christmas Tree, and this year… well, let’s just say it has a bit more drive in it. This year’s geeky Christmas tree is created all out of hubcaps, and it will definitely sparkle more than any other tree you have ever had. It comes from the people at an auto dealer who found their very own way to celebrate Christmas it seems.

The company, Champion Auto Sales Inc., surely knows how to recycle the parts no longer in use, and this tree should stand as an homage to creative thinking. It’s definitely a reminder that just about anything can have a second life, if you are ready to get a little creative. It must have taken quite some time to put this puppy together though. Now, I don’t know if  I would put this thing in my living room, but I definitely marvel at the dedication and the creativity of it. True design is not always pretty design… Or?

The Hubcap Christmas Tree Build

The Hubcap Christmas Tree Build

Via: [Dude Craft]