Geeky Belt Buckle Beer Holder: Never Lose Your Beer Again

It’s inventions like this that can change the world for the better, or at least your next party. I can see how this belt buckle beer holder could bring a lot of happiness into people’s lives. Let’s face it, there is really only one thing that gets annoying about drinking beer, and that is that we have to carry the bottle around with us everywhere. I mean, who has time for that, right? We need both our hands to do stuff, but if we set the bottle down, it will inevitably get lost, and then the whole evening can start spiraling out of control. Okay, maybe not, but still, this thing is badass, and I want one. It’s a good thing big belt buckles are still in style.

This beer holder is called the BevBuckle, and it can hold cans, bottles (even water bottles) or anything else that you can cram in there. It’s simply a belt buckle with a flap that folds down. You set your drink on the flap and secure it with the little ring thing. It’s very geeky (almost nerdy), and I love it! It comes in antique silver, bronze and pirate black. You can view these hilarious fan photos to see some examples of this creative beer holder in action.

If you’d like to purchase the BevBuckle beer holder, you can pick it up on The Beer Buckle for about $35. If carrying an entire 6 pack around your waist is more your style, you might prefer this camo Redneck 6 Pack Beer Holster Belt I found on Amazon. The price for that stylish little beauty is only $6.39. Omg, can you imagine wearing that to a party? That would be so funny! I might have to get one of each. That way, depending on whether I am in a geek mood or a redneck mood, I’d be covered.

Geekiest Beer Holder Ever




Via: [Cool Material] [Incredible Things]