Smart Belt Keeps Your Credit Cards & Valuables Safe

I think I read about pickpocket thieves at least once a week these days. They are spreading and certainly creating havoc in unsuspecting people’s lives. We all try to be careful where we put our phones, wallets and keys. To some extent, we have become too aware, and we risk being conned that way instead. What we need is some sort of gadget or thing that will help us keep our stuff safe. That thing could very well be the smart belt that looks like a regular belt buckle.

With innovations like the TGT Wallet, we minimize the space it takes for us to store our money, credit cards and more. But it’s not exactly secure, and we all know that the smaller something is, the easier it is for someone to pickpocket it. That’s what the smart belt is trying to prevent I guess. Even though it might look like a regular belt buckle, it holds a secret compartment where you will be able to put money, credit cards and whatever else you can fit in there. As you might know if you have been reading Bit Rebels for a while, there are plenty of belt buckle concepts out there. There’s everything from beer holders to complete gaming systems.

Even though this might not be a new concept, it still beats the competition in looks and execution. I doubt anyone will be able to spot that you have your stuff hidden within this smart belt’s secret compartment. In a world where everything tries to become just a little bit smarter, this smart belt buckle is definitely a worthy contender for our attention.

If you want to make sure your stuff won’t be stolen, then you can order this from Amazon for the geeky price of $39.95. It comes in three different looks – brushed metal, gun metal and titanium. Not only will it keep your stuff safe, but it is perfect for traveling as well. No more wearing those awful fanny packs that so many people seem to like these days. When wearing this smart belt, you’ll be keeping it simple and stylish. What could be better than that, right?

Smart Belt Buckle – Keeps Your Stuff Safe

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