Beware Bullies: Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Growing up is tough. When my son Henry, who is nine years old, is having a bad day, I often explain to him that it is much more difficult to be a kid than an adult. It’s like a rite of passage that every person has to go through to get to the joys of adulthood.

My mother, who is a very sweet lady, used to pack me the best lunches when I was in grade school. I always had a reputation for having the yummiest stuff in my lunchbox. I also remember the bullies that would sometimes steal my lunch. Since I was a prim and proper little girl back then, I would just let them take it, because I didn’t really care about eating lunch anyway.

You can understand how excited I was when I found these anti-theft lunch bags on the Internet today. Wow, I have to order some of these right now just because they are so cool. Do you have anyone trying to steal your lunch? Perhaps it’s your coworkers or even your significant other? Now you have a way to protect your food in these bags with green blots, that resemble mold, printed on both sides. The culprits will assume your sandwich is spoiled and will move on to the next person and your lunch will be safe!

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week, for sure.

Thanks for those great pics!


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    Taylor 4 years

    Don’t buy this people will think you’re gross thay you have a mouldy sandwich a teacher’s will most likely make you throw out the sandwich and the bag cuz they think it’s mould and it will make people sick and you try to explain to the teacher that it’s fake but they still make you throw it out and then you have no sandwich.

    And then you feel sad that you’ve wasted your money on that bag and then you have no sandwich and your taste buds are crying because you promised they would get to taste a sexy sandwich.
    And then you contemplate whether to get in the bin and retrieve the sandwich

    And then you contemplate whether to get in the bin and retrieve the sandwich

    And then you decide to retrieve the sandwich thinking it would still be ok to eat and maybe you could get a refund on that bag. As you going into the bin you realise that the bin is almost as tall as you and then you fall in the bin staying in there saying to yourself I don’t want to leave the bin otherwise I’ll be mortified just casually laying in a bin waiting until there’s no one around so you can run into the bathroom and cry and laugh at the same about how embarrassing that was and that nobody will ever see you the same again.