Bibliophilism: The Rug Made Out Of Books

The unusual creations people put up at home, or design themselves for a more personalized home, are beyond amazing sometimes. Some people even go beyond the imagination of a creative person, and their design gets on the map of amazing creations. But coming up with something new is getting more and more difficult, and in order to amaze people, you have to go far passed what’s considered normal. For example, we’re no longer impressed by a house made entirely out of glass. We’ve seen it time and time again, and it has become a dream that’s been realized. However, if you were to create a house with pure water walls, as in thin waterfalls, people would once again glance at it and go, “Amazing!”

So as you might understand, people get more and more blunt when it comes to truly seeing things for what they are. And that makes me realize that running Bit Rebels is going to be harder and harder since we always strive to find the most awesome things to share with you. In the very end, will you guys just look at us and go… “Pfff, seen that before!” Chilling thought!

There are still people out there who really know how to throw a creative thought into the mix. One of them is Pamela Paulsrud, and she created something that I am quite certain you have never ever seen before. Her way of interior designing is to use ordinary objects in places where they would become odd objects. That applies perfectly to her Bibliophilism piece rug. It might seem a bit hard and uncomfortable, but you can be sure that whenever you have someone come over to visit you, they will definitely notice the genius personalization.

It’s exactly this that makes Bit Rebels so much fun to run. There is certainly no shortage when it comes to what people are able to imagine and create. Writing about it is just a joy more than 99% of the time. I don’t think I have had too many days when I have actually not wanted to write. So Pamela, your contribution to the creative world has not gone unnoticed, and I am sure a lot more people than me will appreciate your hard work and ingenuity. Keep at it, and we’ll be featuring you many more times here on Bit Rebels, no doubt about it!

Rug Made Out Of Books

Rug Made Out Of Books

Rug Made Out Of Books