Biscuit Pocket: The Cup That Holds Your Cookies

It’s Thursday, and here I am sipping away on my cup of tea. I have no cookies and no chocolate to go with it, just tea. Yeah, it’s one of those days. I don’t know how many times I have been drinking cup after cup without realizing the hours flashed by in a hurry. Tea is great and all, but sometimes a little energy boost (and maybe just a tad bit of sugar) can do you good. I think I am in need of some sugar right now as a matter of fact. Why? Because when I saw this concept, I immediately jumped on it to write about it. We love the simplicity in concept designs, but sometimes the obvious plays hide and seek with us.

If you ever wished you had a cookie near you or maybe you wanted one but couldn’t get it because your hands were full with a cup of tea and a bunch of documents, this little thing will most likely float your boat all the way back to your home harbor. It’s the Biscuit Pocket Cup, and it will give you the best “why didn’t I think about that!” moment in your life. It’s one of those ideas that could have saved us so much time and hassle.

Drop a cookie in the pocket of the cup, fill it up to the brim, and you are all set to go back to your desk. There is no need to stuff your pockets full of crumby cookies in order to take one with you. This way, you keep it clean and simple, just like a concept design should be. This is a brilliant example of what the mind can come up with if you just look at the obvious solutions in your life. I want one of these! Hell, I want two, that way I get a full cup of tea and two cookies in the same go. What can beat that, right? (PS: Anyone know where to get this badboy?)

The Biscuit Pocket Cup Concept

The Biscuit Pocket Cup Concept

Via: [Awesome Galore]